Con toda la muerte al aire

With all death in the air

The year, 1955.

The case, Methyger-Burgos.

In 1955 the country suffered a coup and a bombardment of the civilian population in the Plaza de Mayo, where 350 people died. That same year, the crime of a woman (1), scattered in three parts of the city and its surroundings, also moved society. Reconstructing crime through a collage of diverse material from the Federal Police Museum, the media (Clarín), public archives (AGN), own photographs and intervened historical images, the visual account invites us to immerse ourselves in the ambiguities that surround every act of violence. The work proposes using a historical narrative as a starting point and then reinventing it and re-imagining it, putting it in tension with the present. It is not a question of thinking about a distant case in history but of looking at its reverberations and repercussions in contemporary contexts. I am interested in thinking about the project as if it were a visual detective, to find the clues of social crime, its acceptance as something possible and the social construction of victims and perpetrators. Tensing the documentary to jump to reinterpretation. Pursue the collective memory, think about femicides in history.


1-Alcira Methyger victim of her partner Jorge Burgos.

¨Con toda la muerta al aire¨

Performatic journalism

Revista Anfibia - Proa

Performance biennial