Ezpeleta could have been another kind of neighborhood, but it was not allowed to be so. Its lands are crossed by the waves of a high-voltage power plant. There, live men and women who have relentlessly requested Justice to do something about the invisible polluting evil that is killing them. I arrived in Ezpeleta seeking one story and I found many.

In the first afternoon I met a woman, who naturally decided to take off her clothes to show me a very deep and intimate scar. This gesture drove me to look for more bodies. Another woman had drawn up a map where the houses of all the victims were crossed out. I tried to figure how to put that cartography into images. As of that moment, some others started to unveil their wounds, their traces of pain; those body marks were like a living log to show that they used to be unhurt and had complete families.

These are some of the images from the book “132.000 volts, the Ezpeleta Case” published by La Marca Editora, 2006